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Enhancing RCC(Recyclable Counter With Confinement) with Cuckoo Hashing
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 Title & Authors
Enhancing RCC(Recyclable Counter With Confinement) with Cuckoo Hashing
Jang, Rhong-ho; Jung, Chang-hun; Kim, Keun-young; Nyang, Dae-hun; Lee, Kyung-Hee;
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According to rapidly increasing of network traffics, necessity of high-speed router also increased. For various purposes, like traffic statistic and security, traffic measurement function should performed by router. However, because of the nature of high-speed router, memory resource of router was limited. RCC proposed a way to measure traffics with high speed and accuracy. Additional quadratic probing hashing table used for accumulating elephant flows in RCC. However, in our experiment, quadratic probing performed many overheads when allocated small memory space or load factor was high. Especially, quadratic requested many calculations in update and lookup. To face this kind of problem, we use a cuckoo hashing which performed a good performance in update and loop for enhancing the RCC. As results, RCC with cuckoo hashing performed high accuracy and speed even when load factor of memory was high.
RCC;cuckoo hashing;quadratic probing;traffic measurement;
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