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PAPR Reduction Scheme Using Selective Mapping in GFDM
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 Title & Authors
PAPR Reduction Scheme Using Selective Mapping in GFDM
Oh, Hyunmyung; Yang, Hyun Jong;
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Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has high peak to power ratio (PAPR). High PAPR makes problems such as signal distortion and circuit cost increasing. To solve the problemsm several PAPR reduction methods have been proposed. However, synchronization and orthogonality in OFDM systems may be a limitation to reduce latency for 5G networks. Generalized frequency division multiplexing (GFDM) is one of the possible solutions for asynchronous and non-orthogonal systems, which are more preferable to reduce the latency. However, multiple subsymbols in GFDM result in more superposition in time domain, GFDM has higher PAPR. Selective mapping (SLM) is one of PAPR reduction techniques in OFDM, which uses phase shift. The PAPR of GFDM SLM is compared to conventional GFDM and OFDM SLM in terms of PAPR reduction enhancement via numerical simulations. In addition, the out-of-band performance is analyzed in the aspect of asynchronous condition interference.
5G;OFDM GFDM;PAPR;out-of-band emission;
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