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Organic co-solvents mediated variation in anion-water hydrogen bonding in [Bmim][BF4] ionic liquid through FTIR spectroscopy
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 Title & Authors
Organic co-solvents mediated variation in anion-water hydrogen bonding in [Bmim][BF4] ionic liquid through FTIR spectroscopy
Manna, Arpan; Lim, Manho;
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FTIR spectroscopy has been employed to investigate the variation of anion-water hydrogen bonding in 1-butyl 3-methyl imidazolium tetrafluoroborate ([Bmim][]) ionic liquid caused by addition of organic co-solvents with various polarities. The variation was estimated by probing band shape and intensity of the OH stretching vibration of trace water present in ionic liquid at . The presence of polar aprotic co-solvent in ionic liquid dramatically reduces the absorptivity of the OH stretch band, indicating that the co-solvent changes the nature of anion-water hydrogen bond drastically, which might be responsible for the reduction of the viscosity of ionic liquid in the presence of the co-solvent.
Ionic liquid;FTIR;Co-solvent;
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