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Photoluminescence Characteristics of p-Phenylene Vinylene and Its Derivatives in Solution and in Nanoaggregates
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 Title & Authors
Photoluminescence Characteristics of p-Phenylene Vinylene and Its Derivatives in Solution and in Nanoaggregates
Eom, Intae; Lim, Seon Jeong; Park, Soo Young; Joo, Taiha;
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Oligomers of p-phenylene vinylene and its derivatives have drawn much attention due to their unusual emission characteristics of showing increased emission when they form into nanoparticles. We have investigated the optical properties of the oligo-(p-phenylene vinylene) and its cyano-substituted derivatives in solution and in nanoaggregate media by femtosecond and picosecond time resolved fluorescence as well as stationary spectroscopies. All the spectroscopic data are consistent with the conclusion that the cyano substitution on the -position of oligo-(p-phenylene vinylene) leads to breakage of the otherwise planar structure of cyano-unsubstituted molecules, which opens up an extremely efficient, as fast as 100 fs, non-radiative relaxation channel of the excited state. Formation of the nanoaggregates reverts the effect to make the molecules planar and to block the non-radiative relaxation channel. Therefore, concerning the applications in organic electroluminescent devices and organic light emitting diodes, substitution by the cyano group is not advantageous, although such modification should be useful in respect of controlling fluorescence intensity in different media.
p-phenylene vinylene;nanoaggregates;time-resolved fluorescence;
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