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Photoacid Catalyzed Reaction of Phenol with Styrene
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 Title & Authors
Photoacid Catalyzed Reaction of Phenol with Styrene
Kim, Vicna; Shin, Eun Ju; Chung, Minchul; Ahn, Hogeun; Kwak, Wonbong;
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The reaction of styrene with phenol using photoacid catalyst has been investigated. Upon irradiation with 450 nm light, protonated merocyanine photoacid converts into spiropyran form with releasing proton. The reaction of styrene with phenol has been conducted under irradiation with 450 nm light using merocyanine photoacid catalyst at room temperature in comparison with the results using some selected catalysts including or at the reaction temperature of .
Photoacid;Catalyst;Styrenated phenols;
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