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Effects of Increasing Supplementation of Lycii fructus and Glycyrrhiza uralensis Mixture in Diets on Growth Performance, Blood Parameter, Immune Response and Intestinal Microflora in Broilers
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Poultry Science
  • Volume 42, Issue 2,  2015, pp.139-145
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Poultry Science
  • DOI : 10.5536/KJPS.2015.42.2.139
 Title & Authors
Effects of Increasing Supplementation of Lycii fructus and Glycyrrhiza uralensis Mixture in Diets on Growth Performance, Blood Parameter, Immune Response and Intestinal Microflora in Broilers
Kim, Chan Ho; Kim, Ji-Hyuk; Paik, In Kee; Kang, Hwan Ku;
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The objective of this experiment was to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation of Lycii fructus (LF) and Glycyrrhiza uralensis (GU) mixture on growth performance, blood parameter, immune response and intestinal microflora in broiler. A total 750 1-d old ROSS 308 was randomly allotted to 1 of 3 dietary treatments with 5 replicates during d 35 of the feeding trial. Two additional diets were prepared by adding 0.5 or 1.0% of LF and GU mixture to the basal diet. The experimental diets were fed on an ad libitum basis to the birds during 35 d. Results indicated that increasing inclusion level of LF and GU mixture in diets improved BW gain (quadratic, P<0.05) and improved feed conversion ratio (quadratic, P<0.05) of birds during to 0 to 21 d. Increasing inclusion level of LF and GU mixture in diets improved BW gain (linear and quadratic, P<0.05) of birds during to 0 to 35 d. The leukocyte concentrations were not affected by increasing inclusion level of LF and GU mixture in diets. Plasma IgG concentration was increased (linear, P<0.05) as the concentrations of LF and GU mixture in diets increased. The concentrations of Lactobacillus spp. in the ileal content of birds increased (linear, P<0.05), but those of Escherichia coli decreased (quadratic, P<0.01). These results suggest that dietary LF and GU mixture may be used as a functional ingredient to improve growth performance, plasma IgG and intestinal health of birds.
broiler;broiler growth performance;Glycyrrhiza uralensis;immue response;Lycii fructus;
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