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Effect of Dietary-Liquid Resveratrol on Growth Performance, Meat Quality Traits, and Ileum Morphology of Broiler Chickens under Moderate Heat Stress
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  • Journal title : Korean Journal of Poultry Science
  • Volume 43, Issue 1,  2016, pp.21-29
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Poultry Science
  • DOI : 10.5536/KJPS.2016.43.1.21
 Title & Authors
Effect of Dietary-Liquid Resveratrol on Growth Performance, Meat Quality Traits, and Ileum Morphology of Broiler Chickens under Moderate Heat Stress
Yi, Young-Joo; Yoo, Jaehong; Samiru, S. Wickramasuriya; Kim, Eunjoo; Koo, Bonjin; Heo, Jung Min;
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A total of 144 one-day-old male broilers (ROSS Ross 308) () were used in a completely randomized design and allotted to one of three dietary treatments to give 6 replicates per treatment (8 birds per cage). The three watery dietary treatments were 1) a corn-soybean meal-based relation [Negative control (NC); no antimicrobial compounds added] with tab water, 2) 8 ppm liquid-alpha-lipoic acid [Positive control (PC)] or 3) 100 ppm liquid-resveratrol. All dietary treatments were continuously provided as a liquid form. Birds were housed in a battery cage (n
alpha-lipoic acid;broilers;growth performance;heat stress;intestinal morphology;meat quality;resveratrol;
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