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Behavior of C-Shaped Beam to Square Hollow Section Column Connection in Modular Frame
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Behavior of C-Shaped Beam to Square Hollow Section Column Connection in Modular Frame
Lee, Sang Sup; Park, Keum Sung; Hong, Sung Yub; Bae, Kyu Woong;
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Modular building is a prefabricated construction system for building where factory-produced pre-engineered modular units are delivered to site and assembled as substantial elements of a building. There are two basic kinds of modular structures. One is a load-bearing wall structure designed to transfer the load through longitudinal walls. The other is a frame structure composed of columns and beams. For frame structure, square hollow section is often used as a column member and channel as a beam member in modular unit. Lower and upper modules are fasten with bolts via a pre-installed access hole in the SHS column. However, the access holes can weaken the panel zone that would affect the behavior of beam to column connection. The 5 specimens of beam to column connections with parameters of access hole, column thickness and diaphragm were made and this paper describes the test results.
Modular construction;Modules;Connections;Access hole;SHS column;
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