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Axial Load Performance of Circular CFT Columns with Concrete Encasement
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 Title & Authors
Axial Load Performance of Circular CFT Columns with Concrete Encasement
Lee, Ho Jun; Park, Hong Gun; Choi, In Rak;
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An experimental study was performed to investigate the axial-flexural load-carrying capacity of concrete-encased and-filled steel tube (CEFT) columns. To restrain local buckling of longitudinal bars and to prevent premature failure of the thin concrete encasement, the use of U-cross ties was proposed. Five eccentrically loaded columns were tested by monotonic compression. The test parameters were axial-load eccentricity, spacing of ties, and the use of concrete encasement. Although early cracking occurred in the thin concrete encasement, the maximum axial loads of the CEFT specimens generally agreed with the strengths predicted considering the full contribution of the concrete encasement. Further, due to the effect of the circular steel tube, the CEFT columns exhibited significant ductility. The applicability of current design codes to the CEFT columns was evaluated in terms of axial-flexural strength and flexural stiffness.
Concrete-encased and-filled tube;Circular CFT;Eccentric axial loading;Axial-flexural strength;Flexural stiffness;
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