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Life Cycle Assessments and Effect Factors in the Planning Stage of Steel Bridge
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 Title & Authors
Life Cycle Assessments and Effect Factors in the Planning Stage of Steel Bridge
Jeon, Min Yeong; Kyung, Kab Soo; Lee, Sung Jin; Ryu, Seong Jin;
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Recently, interest for environmental pollution in various fields is on the increase, and the researches on the life cycle assessment of environmental performance assessment method for calculating the environmental loads are currently most performed. It is expected to have a significant influence on the environment, since SOC infrastructures are go through a variety of materials, manufacturing process, however it is judged that researches and measures for environmental pollution is insufficient. In this study, we build the data for 204 of steel bridge designed after 2000 year, and the 100 of bridge which were selected to from obtained results were calculated the environmental loads at the planning stage based on the life cycle assessment. In addition, standard classification systems in work type for steel bridges were established. Based on this, the basic design data and input materials for the bridges are applied to the LCI DB, and the environmental load for required material is evaluated and is shown as Eco-point. Environmental loads obtained from this study, it is judged that can be utilized as a basic data for the process of the life cycle assessment in future steel bridge design.
Environmental impact;Steel bridge;Life cycle assessment;Planning stage;Correlation analysis;
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