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Dynamic Characteristics Stiffened Blast-wall Structures Subjected to Blast Loading Considering High Strain-rate Effects
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic Characteristics Stiffened Blast-wall Structures Subjected to Blast Loading Considering High Strain-rate Effects
Kim, Gyu Dong; Noh, Myung Hyun; Lee, Jae Yik; Lee, Sang Youl;
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A finite element dynamic simulation is performed to gain an insight about the stiffened blast wall structures subjected to blast loading. The simulation was verified using qualitative and quantitative comparisons for different materials. Based on in-depth examination of blast simulation recordings, dynamic behaviors occurred in the blast wall against the explosion are determined. Subsequent simulation results present that the blast wall made of the high performance steel performs much better in the shock absorption. In this paper, the existing finite element shock analysis using the LS-DYNA program is further extended to study the dynamic response of the stiffened blast wall made of the high-performance steel considering high strain-rate effects. The numerical results for various parameters were verified by comparing different material models with dynamic effects occurred in the stiffened blast wall from the explosive simulation.
Stiffened blast wall;High strain-rate effects;High performance steel;Explosive simulation;
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