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A Study on Setting Up Work Conditions for Improving Productiviyt of BIM-based Cost Estimation
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Setting Up Work Conditions for Improving Productiviyt of BIM-based Cost Estimation
Kim, Seong-Ah; Park, Gweon; Song, Byeong-Seob; Choi, Chel-Ho; Chin, Sang-Yoon;
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Many cases have mentioned the effect by applying BIM on the media such as at conferences, workshops, reports, ect. These cases reported that costs could be saved directly by prevention the need to re-do and reconstruct caused by using BIM. BIM users mentioned that using BIM has potential value in saving costs. The benefits of the BIM include intangible value that cannot be estimated in costs, such as reducing work time and improving productivity. However, the financial value of using BIM, such as Return on Investment, has not yet been exposed, and BIM users have a negative view of the financial value of BIM in Korea. Therefore, this study has researched the effects of applying BIM on construction estimate services in view of business productivity, not finance. This study compared the traditional and BIM based estimation, and verified the effect of estimating BIM through work sampling. This study investigated a precondition for getting the effects of BIM based estimation. The results show a need for BIM education, 3D Modeling standards, and database on quantity in order to improve product ivity and reduce work time on BIM based estimation
Building Information Modeling(BIM);Estimation;Work Productivity;Work Management;
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건축설계에서 BIM ROI 측정방법 연구: 중소규모 설계사무소 실무중심으로,손준익;옥종호;

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