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AGV Navigation Using a Space and Time Sensor Fusion of an Active Camera
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 Title & Authors
AGV Navigation Using a Space and Time Sensor Fusion of an Active Camera
Jin, Tae-Seok; Lee, Bong-Ki; Lee, Jang-Myung;
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This paper proposes a sensor-fusion technique where rho data sets for the previous moments are properly transformed and fused into the current data sets to enable accurate measurement, such as, distance to an obstacle and location of the service robot itself. In the conventional fusion schemes, the measurement is dependent only on the current data sets. As the results, more of sensors are required to measure a certain physical promoter or to improve the accuracy of the measurement. However, in this approach, intend of adding more sensors to the system, the temporal sequence of the data sets are stored and utilized for the measurement improvement. Theoretical basis is illustrated by examples md the effectiveness is proved through the simulation. Finally, the new space and time sensor fusion (STSF) scheme is applied to the control of a mobile robot in the indoor environment and the performance was demonstrated by the real experiments.
Navigation;Sensor Fusion;Active Camera;Obstacle Avoidance;Image Processing;
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