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Sea Level Rise at the Southwestern Coast of Korean Peninsula
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 Title & Authors
Sea Level Rise at the Southwestern Coast of Korean Peninsula
Oh Nam-Sun; Kang Ju-Whan; Moon Seung-Rok;
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Sea level (MSL, MHWL, or MLWL) change has been main concern to scientists and engineers and it can be primarily due to both change of climate and vertical movement of land. This paper reports the intensive analysis of the sea level changes and broad discussion of the future at the southwestern coast of Korean peninsula. Regression analysis was conducted to investigate general tendency and periodicity of the sea levels at the six different study sites such as Gunsan-I(inner port), Gunsan-O(outer port), Mokpo, Yeosu, Heuksan and Jeju and the results were compared with global values. Besides the changes of sea levels due to global warming, the influence of the man-made structure such as seadike and seawall was attempted to quantify using the minimization of the Root Mean Square(RMS) error. The results show that it is a general tendency that the values of mean sea level rise at the southwestern coast of Korean Peninsula, especially at Gunsan-I and Jeju, are somewhat larger compared to global average values. There is also some evidence that tidal amplifications are found just after construction of man-made structure at Gunsan-I and Mokpo. However, both sites show different mechanism in relation to tidal choking, tidal flat and river discharge. The impact due to construction of man-made structure is considerably larger at Mokpo site, while the impacts due to man-made structure and the effect of sea level rise are relatively identical at Gunsan-I site. This study is expected to provide some intuition to future design.
Sea level rise;Global warming;Mokpo;Gunsan;Mean sea level;
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