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A Study on Building B2B EC Business Model for The Shipping Industry Using Expert System
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Building B2B EC Business Model for The Shipping Industry Using Expert System
Yu Song-Jin;
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The use of the internet to facilitate commerce among companies promises vast benefits. Lots of e-marketplaces are building for several industries such as chemistry, airplane, and automobile industries. This study provides the new B2B EC business model for the shipping industry which concerns relatively massive fixed assets to be fully utilized. To be successful the proposed model gives participants useful information. To do this the expert system is constructed with the hybrid prediction system of neural network (NN) and memory based reasoning (MBR) with self-organizing map (SOM) and knowledge augmentation technique using qualitative reasoning (QR). The expert system supports participants useful information coping with dynamic market environment. with this shipping companies are induced to participate in the proposed e-marketplace and helped for exchanges easily. Also participants would utilize their assets fully through B2B exchanges.
Shipping industry;B2B EC;expert system;Neural network;Qualitative reasoning;
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