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Characteristics and Structure of Benthic Algal Community in Pohang New Port Area
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics and Structure of Benthic Algal Community in Pohang New Port Area
Yoo, Jong-Su; Park, In-Seok; Song, Young-Chae; Seo, Young-Wan; Doe, Geun-Young; Lee, Jae-Wan; An, Joong-Kwan;
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Community structure and biodiversity of benthic marine algae were studied in the rocky shore of Phohang New Port, Yeoungil Bay. A total of 79 species of marine algae including 8 Chlorophyta, 23 Phaeophyta and 48 Rhodophyta are listed. The dominant algal species were Corallina pilulifera in all seasons, and Sargassum homeri in winter. Lomentaria catenata, Lomentaria hakodatensis, Grateloupia laceolata, Sargassum thunbergii, Chondria crassicaulis, Ulva pertusa, and Hypnea charoides were subdominant at different seasons. The algal biomass per unit area of the benthic algal community in Pohang New Port under construction was 14506 - 398.93 g dry wt m-2, which means that its annually averaged value is 273.45 g dry wt m-2 . The seasonal change in algal biomass showed highs in winter and spring, and lows in summer and autumn. The algal species diversity (H`) based on algal biomass was 2.07 annually in average, with 2.42 in winter, 2.65 in spring, 1.79 in summer and 1.43 in autumn. It was high in winter and spring seasons and low in summer and autumn seasons. It is caused by that spring and winter are the profitable growth time for algae and species components in this study were dominated by the annual or seasonal rather than perennial plants.
Benthic marine algae;Rocky shore;Community structure;Algal species diversity;
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