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Effect of PBD to improve soft marine sedimentary ground
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 Title & Authors
Effect of PBD to improve soft marine sedimentary ground
Jeong, Jin-Seob; Hwang, Woong-Ki; Jeong, Choong-Gi; Kim, Tae-Hyung;
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The effect of plastic board drains (PBDs)on ground improvement was checked out considering three crucial factors: ground settlement, undrained shear strength, and residual water head. First, the settlement analysis including initial settlement induced by reclamation of sand mat was conducted by back calculation analysis with measured data. Its result showed toot the PBDs used for this site worked well on improving soft ground. Secondly, the undrained shear strength was investigated by laboratory and in-situ tests including unconsolidated-undrained triaxial compression (UU) tests, unconfined compression tests, in-situ vane tests, and cone penetration tests. From the test results, they showed that the undrained shear strength of the improved ground by PBDs was significantly increased as well as the strength increasing ratio especially below the ground surface on site. Thirdly, the residual water head measurement from the in situ dissipation test was found the same as the static water head, which indicated primary consolidation was completed and the effect of soil improvement with PBDs can be confirmed.
Shear Strength;Settlement;Soft Marine Clay;Plastic Board Drain (PBD);
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