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Nearest L- Neighbor Method with De-crossing in Vehicle Routing Problem
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 Title & Authors
Nearest L- Neighbor Method with De-crossing in Vehicle Routing Problem
Kim, Hwan-Seong; Tran-Ngoc, Hoang-Son;
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The field of vehicle routing is currently growing rapidly because of many actual applications in truckload and less than truckload trucking, courier services, door to door services, and many other problems that generally hinder the optimization of transportation costs in a logistics network. The rapidly increasing number of customers in such a network has caused problems such as difficulty in cost optimization in terms of getting a global optimum solution in an acceptable time. Fast algorithms are needed to find sufficient solutions in a limited time that can be used for real time scheduling. In this paper, the nearest L-method (NLNM) is proposed to obtain a vehicle routing solution. String neighbors of different lengths were chosen, tested and compared. The applied de crossing procedure is meant to solve the routes by NLNM by giving a better solution and shorter computation time than that of NLNM with long string neighbors.
Nearest L-Neighbor Method;Vehicle Routing Problem;Logistics Network;De-crossing;
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