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Implementation of Electric Power Assisted Steering System via Hardware-In-Loop-Simulation System
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 Title & Authors
Implementation of Electric Power Assisted Steering System via Hardware-In-Loop-Simulation System
Lee, Kil-Soo; Park, Hyung-Gyu; Kim, Myung-Kook; Park, Jung-Hyen; Lee, Man-Hyung;
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With the development of mechatronics technology in the transporter industry, the electric power assisted steering (EPAS) system has many advantages compared to the hydraulic system. Many manufacturers are developing and applying EPAS systems to improve the performance of the transporter. Using the HILS system developed in the paper, an adaptable EPAS system was developed for real transporter. It was installed in a real, KIA Rio, and tested. Results indicated outstanding performance. Therefore, the developed EPAS can be applied via HILS system.
Mechatronics;Electric Power Assisted Steering(EPAS);HILS system;Transporter;Performance;
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