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The Effects of a Marine Leisure Exhibition Event`s Appraisal Attributes on Visitors` Satisfaction and Re-visit Intention
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 Title & Authors
The Effects of a Marine Leisure Exhibition Event`s Appraisal Attributes on Visitors` Satisfaction and Re-visit Intention
Cho, Woo-Jeong;
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The purposes of this study were to analyze the effects of a marine leisure exhibition event(MLEE)`s appraisal attributes on visitors` satisfaction and rep-visit intention and thus provide fundamental information that facilitates developing effective marketing and operational strategies for a MLEE. In order to accomplish such purposes, this study employed a survey with a total of 300 visitors to a MLEE hosted by G Province. Questionnaires were developed on the basis of related studies and modified to reflect the study context. Then, such questionnaires were verified to be valid and reliable through content validity, factor analysis and internal consistency analysis. Valid 286 questionnaires were analyzed with correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis on significance level of .05. Following findings were derived from current study. First of all, the appraisal attributes of a MLEE had a significant effect on visitors` satisfaction and among them only the factor of event program had a unique relation with the levels of satisfaction. In addition, the appraisal attributes of the MLEE also had a significant effect on visitors` rep-visit intention behavior and among them event program, transportation and employee factors had unique relations with the performance variable in order. In conclusion, all the research hypotheses that had been set up through previous studies were confirmed in this study.
marine leisure exhibition event;appraisal attributes;satisfaction;re-visit intention and event marketing;
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