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Customer Loyalty and Logistics Service Performance in Maritime Transport : A Literature Review and Conceptual Model
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 Title & Authors
Customer Loyalty and Logistics Service Performance in Maritime Transport : A Literature Review and Conceptual Model
Jang, Hyun Mi; Kim, Sang Youl;
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To achieve a differential advantage over competitors and protect their long-term interest, shipping lines have striven to find ways to maintain an ongoing relationship with shippers which can be achieved by attaining their loyalty. The benefits of loyal shippers are potentially huge in that they generate long-term revenue streams as well as provide cost savings as compared with attracting new shippers. Logistics service provided by shipping lines is identified as one of the effective tools for building customer loyalty. However, in a review of the literature none of the studies examine how logistics service creates customer loyalty, particularly between shipping lines and shippers. Consequently, the overarching purpose of this paper is to extend knowledge on logistics service performance and its relationship with customer loyalty in the unique context of maritime transport by proposing a new conceptual model based on an extensive literature review. The major contribution is to offer a new insight into the complex relationships between those `soft` concepts in the context of maritime transport.
customer loyalty;logistics service performance;maritime transport;conceptual model;literature review;relationship quality;switching barriers;
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