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A Study on the Improvement Method for Health Management of Seafares
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A Study on the Improvement Method for Health Management of Seafares
Kim, Jae-Ho;
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In this study, the corelation among the knowledge of and attitude to health care and the actual health protective practices of seafarers was surveyed and analyzed in order to provide the management method for improving seafarers' health care. The subjects of this study were 516 seafarers who took refresh training courses in Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology. The questionnaire was constructed under the Guidelines for National Health of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and modified for studying seafarers' health state. The collected data were analyzed by SPSS package. The results were as follows: 1) The older, married, religion believer, higher ranker, the man who have longer career have the higher degree of knowledge, attitude, and practice-degree(p<0.05). 2) The degree of knowledge, attitude, and practice are , , and in mean by 5-score scale, respectably. 3) The corelation among the degree of knowledge, attitude, and practice was significant(r=0.33~0.63, p<0.05).
Seafarers';health management;Knowledge of health management;Attitudeof health management;Practice behaviors of health management;Education of health;
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선원유관단체의 선원 보건의료실태 인식도 조사,김재호;전영우;

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