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Analysis of the Multi-layered Soil on Monopile Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbine
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Multi-layered Soil on Monopile Foundation of Offshore Wind Turbine
Kim, Nam-Hyeong; Go, Myeong-Jin;
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Recently, by the problems owing to utilization of fossil fuel, various green energies receive attention. Wind, the impetus for the wind power generation as one of the green energies, is observed higher quality value in the offshore than onshore. Also, the development of offshore wind turbines is in the spotlight as alternative to solve the problems of onshore wind farm such as securing sites, noise, and electromagnetic waves, and to get efficient wind energy. Therefore, the many researches on offshore wind energy have been carried out. As wind towers are advanced to ocean, offshore wind towers have been enlarged. Thus, stability is required to endure wind force and wave force. In this study, the external forces act on the foundation in multi-layered are calculated by p-y relation.
wind force;wave force;multi-layered soil;displacement;subgrade reaction;
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