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A Study on the Legal Party and its Extent of the Demurrage
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A Study on the Legal Party and its Extent of the Demurrage
Kim, Myung-Jae;
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The demurrage is regarded as a kind of the ocean freight and a remuneration of the time lost for the vessel while in port. In ordinary occasions of the voyage charter, the liability of a demurrage is usually laid on the charterers unless any exceptions are incorporated. The owners are, however, often meeting somehow difficulty to secure demurrage in the field as the liability is limited or transferred to a third party from the charterers. This paper is focused on clearing the liabilities to be held by the parties involved through the English Law cases, and what`s more is rendering a proper suggestions to the owners and charterers on dealing with the ship`s operation business.
Demurrage;Liability;charterers;consignee;shipper;B/L endorsee;receivers;charterparty;
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