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A Study on Risk Management for Export Control on Strategic Trade in Supply Chain Management
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 Title & Authors
A Study on Risk Management for Export Control on Strategic Trade in Supply Chain Management
Roh, Tae-Hyun; Park, Jin-Hee;
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In this study, AHP analysis was conducted through a survey that was organized by 9 job categories. The results show that sustainable operation risks have the highest priority level among all criteria with management interest having the highest priority level within sustainable operation risks related attributes. The most important risk attributes among stakeholder risks appeared to be asset security and cargo and conveyance security, with education and training being the most important among regulatory risks. Effective management and response to the risks from export controls on strategic trade require an understanding of supply chain security and compliance programs, effective training programs, investments for development of security systems that meet international standards. In addition, the government needs to focus on developing professionals and providing support for companies with compliance programs, working closely with businesses.
AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process);SCRM(Supply Chain Risk Management);Export Control on Strategic Trade;CP(Compliance Program);SCS(Supply Chain Security);
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