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The Correlation between Participating in the Extreme Sports, and the Flow Experience and the Satisfaction of Life
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 Title & Authors
The Correlation between Participating in the Extreme Sports, and the Flow Experience and the Satisfaction of Life
Hwang, Yu-Rhee; Seok, Kang-Hoon; Lee, Jae-Hyung;
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The purpose of this study was to identify the correlation among participating in the extreme sports, the flow experience and the satisfaction of life. 420 participants of the extreme sports were selected by the Judgement Sampling Method. Factor analysis and multi-regression analysis have been conducted. The conclusion is as follows. First, the participants` life satisfaction is partially affected by the duration period and term. Second, period, frequency, duration partially effect to life satisfaction. Third, flow experience partially effect to life satisfaction.
Extreme Sports;Judgment Sampling;Fflow Experience;Life Satisfaction;Frequence;
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