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Importance of Service Factors for Car-Ferry Shipping Companies between Korea and China Routes using Fuzzy Method
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Importance of Service Factors for Car-Ferry Shipping Companies between Korea and China Routes using Fuzzy Method
Jung, Hyun-Jae; Yeo, Gi-Tae;
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The route of Korea and China situates stable shipping market by the agreement on maritime transport between two countries. Epecially, the Car-ferry shipping market between Korea and China is growing up the world`s largest markets in this situation. But, the rapid growth of markets have the possibility of imbalance between supply and demand. In addition that heavy competition can be arisen. The aim of this study is to analyze the ways to reinforce competitiveness of Car-ferry shipping companies(CFSCs) between Korea and China routes through suggesting importance weights of service factors. Firstly, evaluating service factors of CFSCs between Korea and China routes are selected by reviewing literatures and Delphi method. Secondly, importance weights of service factors are calculated using Fuzzy method. As a result, Shipper and CFSCs between Korea and China routes select `agility of loading and unloading`, `agility of customs`, and `punctuality of transportation` as the most important factors. On the other hand, the two groups are shown the perception gaps on the factors such as `reasonable shipping cost`, `voyage speed`, `multimodal transportation`, and `professionality of manpower`. The implication of this study is that Government of Korea and China Have to cooperate agreement for mutual drive towed trailer and customs to speedy transportation.
Korea and China Shipping Routes;Car-ferry Shipping Companies;Service Factors;Importance Weights;Perception of Importance;Fuzzy Method;
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Fuzzy-AHP를 활용한 한·중 카페리 피견인 트레일러 상호주행 시 장애요인에 관한 연구,성기덕;전준우;여기태;

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