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A Study on the Application of Transfer Equipment Pooling Systems for Enhancing Productivity at Container Terminals
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Application of Transfer Equipment Pooling Systems for Enhancing Productivity at Container Terminals
Cha, Sang-Hyun; Noh, Chang-Kyun;
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Due to the increase of container terminals, as the volume of terminals become distributed, the competition of preserving existing volume and inviting new volume are becoming fierce, and various ways for processing terminal volume and inviting volume are being sought. Container terminal efforts to maximize efficiency in order to improve the volume handling capability and productivity by both expansion of the latest equipment and development of the latest terminal system. There are a variety of factors that influence the improvement of productivity at container terminals. Among them, in the case of yard transfer equipment, if it were to convert from the method of a Yard Tractor(YT) being fixed allocated to a certain Gantry Cranes(GC) to a Pooling System that processes in a method that properly distributes and allocates a Yard Tractor(YT) to multiple Gantry Cranes(GC), the terminal productivity and the fusibility of YT may be increased. The KPI which is an indicator for the productivity at container terminals is GC productivity and since GC productivity cannot exceed the speed of physical GC operations, a Pooling System is applied to increase productivity which its meaning and effect is massive. Here in the Report, we produce the Pooling Algorithm system to improve the efficiency of the transported equipments in container terminal which is actually applying for this method and have compared Non pooling system with Pooling system in the fields. By introducing a transfer equipment pooling system and enhancing the productivity compared to other terminals, it may become an essential factor for increasing the continuous service quality and profitability in terms of terminal business.
Container Terminal;Productivity;Yard Tractor;Pooling System;
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