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Dilemma and Its Institutional Solutions in the Port ODA of Korea
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 Title & Authors
Dilemma and Its Institutional Solutions in the Port ODA of Korea
Kim, Bo Young; Kang, Yunho;
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In accordance with the global age, countries in the world try to dedicate to collaboration among them through ODA (Official Development Assistance), in order to solve the-rich-get-richer and the poor-get-poorer problems among countries, to develop the developing countries` economies, and to improve their level of social welfare. Also, Korea is so active in ODA as a member of OECD, even if it is in the initial process. Nowadays, in Korea, the importance of ODA in the field of port has been brought into relief. Accordingly, the paper intends to analyze the dilemma structure of port ODA from the perspectives both of new institutionalism and Samaritan`s dilemma game, and it tries to seek the improvements of ODA institutions to create effective outcomes based on the analysis. Through the analysis, dilemma structure was identified regarding the institutions of port ODA. And the results of the analysis suggested the improvements of port ODA institutions including strengthening of on-the-spot aid system, establishment of payoffs system for inducing recipient countries` efforts, and institutionalization of reliable threat. It would contribute to develop the theoretical model of ODA analysis and create effective outcomes of ODA in the field of ports.
official development assistance(ODA);dilemma;institution;port;new institutionalism;
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