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Prediction of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and Relative Permeability of Jumunjin Sand Using Pore Network Model
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 Title & Authors
Prediction of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and Relative Permeability of Jumunjin Sand Using Pore Network Model
Suh, Hyoung Suk; Yun, Tae Sup; Kim, Kwang Yeom;
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This study presents the numerical results of soil-water characteristic curve for sandy soil by pore network model. The Jumunjin sand is subjected to the high resolution 3D X-ray computed tomographic imaging and its pore structure is constructed by the web of pore body and pore channel. The channel radius, essential to the computation of capillary pressure, is obtained based on the skeletonization and Euclidean Distance transform. The experimentally obtained soil-water characteristic curve corroborates the numerically estimated one. The pore channel radius defined by minimum radii of pore throat results in the slightly overestimation of air entry value, while the overall evolution of capillary pressure resides in the acceptable range. The relative permeability computed by a series of suggested models runs above that obtained by pore network model at high degree of saturation.
Pore network model;Soil water characteristic curve;Relative permeability;3D X-ray CT;
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