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Effects of Media Breakage on Infiltration Characteristics in Stormwater Management System
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Media Breakage on Infiltration Characteristics in Stormwater Management System
Segismundo, Ezequiel Q.; Koo, Bon-Hong; Kim, Lee-Hyung; Lee, Byung-Sik;
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For sand and zeolite filter media in stormwater BMPs, media breakage effects on infiltration were investigated. Compaction effort and infiltration force were mainly examined for breakage sources. The 1-D column infiltration tests for un-compacted and compacted media filters were conducted to investigate the breakage effect on infiltration. As a result, the following findings were deduced: 1) particle breakage due to filtration forces was found to be relatively minimal; 2) un-compacted media had lesser amount of crushed particles and permeability fluctuations compared to compacted media; 3) even without the presence of suspended solids in the influent, reduction in permeability was found, which resulted from rearrangement and re-entrainment of media particle itself; 4) only media particle breakage resistance is considered, sand was revealed to have better performance compared to zeolite media.
Infiltration;Filter;Porous media;Clogging;Stormwater management;
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