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Evaluation of Elastic Properties for Nanoscale Coating Layers Using Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Elastic Properties for Nanoscale Coating Layers Using Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy
Kwak, Dong Ryul; Cho, Seung Bum; Park, Ik Keun;
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Ultrasonic atomic force microscopy (Ultrasonic-AFM) has been used to investigate the elastic property of the ultra-thin coating layer in a thin-film system. The modified Hertzian theory was applied to predict the contact resonance frequency through accurate theoretical analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the cantilever. We coat 200 nm thick Aluminum and Titanium thin films on the substrate using the DC Magnetron sputtering method. The amplitude and phase of the contact resonance frequency of a vibrating cantilever varies in response to the local stiffness constant. Ultrasonic-AFM images were obtained using the variations in the elastic property of the materials. The morphology of the surface was clearly observed in the Ultrasonic-AFM images, but was barely visible in the topography. This research demonstrates that Ultrasonic-AFM is a promising technique for visualizing the distribution of local stiffness in the nano-scale thin coatings.
Ultrasonic atomic force microscopy;Nanoscale thin coatings;Elastic properties;Contact resonance frequency;Micro cantilever;Contact stiffness;
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Acousto-Optic 기법을 이용한 Pt/Ti 박막 계면의 접합특성 평가,박해성;;;박익근;

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