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Fabrication of WC-Ni-Si-B4C Composite and Diffusion Bonding with Stainless Steel
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication of WC-Ni-Si-B4C Composite and Diffusion Bonding with Stainless Steel
Won, Jong-Wun;
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The effects of Ni on the mechanical properties of WC-Xwt.%Ni-1.5wt.%Si-1.1wt.% composite (X = 21.6, 23.6, 25.6 and 27.6 wt.%) were investigated in order to replace Co with Ni as the binder metal for hard materials based on WC-Co system. Using X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy, field-emission scanning electron microscopy results, the microstructure, pore distribution and grain size of the composites sintered at were examined with different fraction (X = 21.6, 23.6, 25.6 and 27.6 wt.%) of binder metal Ni. The average WC grain size of the composites was about . The Rockwell hardness : A (HRA) and transverse rupture strength were about 88HRA and , respectively. The obtained sample was bonded with SM45C at a temperature of . The thickness and mechanical properties of the bonded area were investigated with different dwell time at a bonding temperature of .
WC-Ni composites;Hard materials;HRA;TRS;Diffusion bonding;
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