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Hardness Analysis of Surface Treated Magnesium Alloy using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
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 Title & Authors
Hardness Analysis of Surface Treated Magnesium Alloy using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Kang, Dongchan; Kim, Joohan;
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The hardness of surface treated magnesium alloy was evaluated using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. The surface of the specimen was hardened mechanically, and the hardness profiles were measured using a traditional measurement technique. A laser beam was irradiated to generate a plasma, and the peaks of the components of the specimen were analyzed. A wavelength of 333.66 nm and 293.65 nm were selected as the atomic and ionic peaks, respectively. The ratios of the ionic peak to the atomic peak were obtained so as to compare the hardness profile. As the depth increased, the ratio decreased. These results are in good agreement with the previous hardness measurement results. It can be considered that this technique could be applied for remote and time-efficient hardness measurement.
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy;Magnesium alloy;Material properties;Hardness;
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