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Fabrication of a Silicon Nanostructure Array Embedded in a Polymer Film by using a Transfer Method
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 Title & Authors
Fabrication of a Silicon Nanostructure Array Embedded in a Polymer Film by using a Transfer Method
Shin, Hocheol; Lee, Dong-Ki; Cho, Younghak;
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This paper presents a silicon nanostructure array embedded in a polymer film. The silicon nanostructure array was fabricated by using basic microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) processes such as photolithography, reactive ion etching, and anisotropic KOH wet etching. The fabricated silicon nanostructure array was transferred into polymer substrates such as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polycarbonate (PC) through the hot-embossing process. In order to determine the transfer conditions under which the silicon nanostructures do not fracture, hot-embossing experiments were performed at various temperatures, pressures, and pressing times. Transfer was successfully achieved with a pressure of 1 MPa and a temperature higher than the transition temperature for the three types of polymer substrates. The transferred silicon nanostructure array was electrically evaluated through measurements with a semiconductor parameter analyzer (SPA).
Nanostructure array;Transfer method;Hot-embossing;Embedded structure;
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