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An Experimental Study for the Qualitative Effect of Carrier Pin Hole Position Error on Planet Load Sharing of Wind Turbine Three-point Suspension Gearbox
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 Title & Authors
An Experimental Study for the Qualitative Effect of Carrier Pin Hole Position Error on Planet Load Sharing of Wind Turbine Three-point Suspension Gearbox
Nam, Ju-Seok; Han, Jeong-Woo;
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In this study, the qualitative effects of the positional error of carrier pin holes on the planet load sharing characteristics of the three-point suspension gearbox of wind turbines were investigated experimentally. A 35-kW gearbox comprising two planetary gear stages and a parallel gear stage and size one-fourth of that of a 2-MW three-point suspension gearbox was used as the test gearbox. The strain gauges attached to the ring gear teeth of the input planetary gear stage were used for the purpose of this study. The applied loading conditions were 50%, 75%, and 100% of the rated torque, and the mesh load factor was used as the load sharing index. The experimental results indicated that both the magnitude and direction of the positional error of pin holes had a significant effect on the planet load sharing characteristics of the three-point suspension gearbox. In addition, an increase in the applied torque results in uniform load sharing.
Experimental study;Gearbox;Load sharing;Pin hole position error;Planet gear;Wind turbine;
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