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Development of Continuous Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing System Using a Flat Screen
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 Title & Authors
Development of Continuous Roll-to-Roll Screen Printing System Using a Flat Screen
Kim, Ga Eul; Jeon, Yong Ho; Lee, Moon Gu; Hong, Min Sung; Lee, Taik Min; Kwon, Sin;
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In this research, a continuous roll-to-roll screen printing system was developed using a flat screen. It has a newly devised sliding mechanism of screen printing module, which can be controlled accurately in sync with a moving web, driven by a roll-to-roll tension control and web-guiding system. In addition, the real-time precision alignment module that consists of a vision camera and an alignment stage was implemented. With this developed system, the feasibility of continuous printing with minimum pattern width below was verified, and an overlay of between the laser-patterned reference mark and the printed mark on a 300-mm-wide film was achieved.
Roll-to-Roll;Screen printing;Printed electronics;Flat screen;Overlay alignment;
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