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On-off Control for Continuous Culture of Microalgae in Flat Panel Photobioreactor
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 Title & Authors
On-off Control for Continuous Culture of Microalgae in Flat Panel Photobioreactor
Kim, Jae-Hyeok; Yoon, Chung-Man; Jeong, Sang-Hwa;
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Recently, technologies that produce biofuels from microalgae are being studied worldwide. It is necessary to significantly reduce the production costs of biofuels from microalgae for economic reasons. In this study, the growth curve of the microalgae was obtained using the batch-culture method, and the specific growth rate was predicted using the regression method. Based on the culture conditions of the estimated specific growth rate, the turbidity of the microalgae in the flat panel photobioreactor (PBR) was measured. Furthermore, an on-off control scheme was applied to the flat panel PBR in order to culture the microalgae continuously on the basis of turbidity. The parameters of the on-off control system were displayed by LabView. The on-off scheme of peristaltic pump was controlled based on the turbidity in the PBR. In addition, the turbidity values of growth curves were compared and analyzed in the continuous culture process using the on-off controller.
Continuous culture;Bacth culture;Turbidostat;On-off control;Microalgae;Flat panel photobioreactor;
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