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Open Versus Arthroscopic Technique in the Traumatic Recurrent Anterior Dislocation of the Shoulder
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  • Journal title : Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow
  • Volume 5, Issue 2,  2002, pp.110-117
  • Publisher : Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society
  • DOI : 10.5397/CiSE.2002.5.2.110
 Title & Authors
Open Versus Arthroscopic Technique in the Traumatic Recurrent Anterior Dislocation of the Shoulder
Kyung, Hee-Soo; Jeon, In-Ho; Kim, Sung-Jung; Yeo, Jun-Young;
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Purpose: We compared the results of open and arthroscopic Bankart repair in traumatic recurrent anterior dislocation ,3f the shoulder. Materials and methods: We analysed 7 cases underwent open Bankart repair (group I) and 13 cases underwent arthroscopic Bankart repair (group Ⅱ). The average follow-up period was 68.1 months (51-113 months) in group I and 41.1 months (16~57 months) in group Ⅱ. All patients in group I and Ⅱ were non-athletes. We analyzed statistically objective evaluation, such as the stability of shoulder joint, the range of motion, pain, impaired throwing, Bankart rating system by Rowe and subjective evaluation, visual analog scale (VAS) between two groups. Results: In terms of dominant and non-dominant shoulders, the age at initial episode of dislocation, the elapsed time from injury to surgery, the number of preoperative dislocations associated with susceptibility to apprehension. respectively, there was no statistically significant differences between two groups. In group I the average Rowe`s scortls was 84.3 and 3 cases (43%) had excellent results,4 cases (S7cfo), good ones. In group H the average Rowe`s scores was 87.3 and 7 cases (54%) had excellent results,6 cases, good ones. There was tendency to show more excellent results in group ll, but there was no statistically significant differences. The average VAS were 90.3 points in group I and 88 points in group Ⅱ, which showed also no statistically significant differences. Conclusion: Open and arthroscopic Bankart repairs had no significant difference and showed also good results in travinatic recurrent anterior dislocation of shoulder.
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