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Metallic Radial Head Prosthesis in Korea
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  • Journal title : Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow
  • Volume 10, Issue 1,  2007, pp.84-91
  • Publisher : Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society
  • DOI : 10.5397/CiSE.2007.10.1.084
 Title & Authors
Metallic Radial Head Prosthesis in Korea
Han, Sang-Hwan; Moon, Jun-Gyu; Park, Jong-Wong; Jang, Ki-Mo;
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Purpose: The aim of this study was to report seven cases of metallic radial head prosthesis and present the limit of use in Korea. Materials and Methods: Metallic radial head arthroplasty was performed on 7 patients between April 2006 and December 2006, who had complex elbow injury including comminuted radial head fracture. Indication, operative findings and outcome were assessed. Availability and payment of implant were investigated. Results: All of the patients had more than one associated injury including coronoid fracture, olecranoan fracture, and ligament ruptures. According to Mason classification, there were three type III and four type IV fractures. All radial head fractures were too comminuted to reconstruct. There were two excellent results, four good, and one poor, as graded by Mayo score. There were no patient with instability and implant related complications. Insufficient supply of implant did not enable to do scheduled surgery in 2 cases. Current medical insurance did not cover charge for radial prosthesis, five patients could not help paying for that by themselves. Conclusion: Metallic radial head implants are useful when the radial head cannot be repaired reliably. Preoperative preparing and coverage by medical insurance based on appropriate indication are helpful for decision for a treatment option.
Radius;Head fracture;Metallic prosthesis;
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요골 두 및 경부 골절의 경피적 도수 정복술,이정길;고일현;김형식;최윤락;김성재;강호정;

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