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Evaluation of Focal Bone Mineral Density Using Three-dimensional Measurement of Hounsfield Units in the Proximal Humerus
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  • Journal title : Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow
  • Volume 18, Issue 2,  2015, pp.86-90
  • Publisher : Korean Shoulder and Elbow Society
  • DOI : 10.5397/cise.2015.18.2.86
 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Focal Bone Mineral Density Using Three-dimensional Measurement of Hounsfield Units in the Proximal Humerus
Moon, Young Lae; Jung, Sung; Park, Sang Ha; Choi, Gwi Youn;
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Background: Although there are several methods for evaluating bone quality, Hounsfield units (HU), a standardized computed tomography (CT) attenuation coefficient, provide a useful tool for estimating focal bone mineral density (BMD). The aim of this study is to investigate the HU for evaluating the degree of osteoporosis in greater tuberosity with regard to anchor positioning. Methods: Forty patients diagnosed as normal on shoulder CT were included and categorized according to age and gender. Axially sectioned CT images were processed to 3-dimensional models containing information about bone quality using Mimics (14.11 platform v14.1.1.1 Materialise). Three-dimensional anchors were simulated and positioned according to 6 regions of interest (ROI) in the greater tuberosity classified using Tingart`s system. Mean HU of intra-anchor volumes in the 6 regions was measured. Results: A significant decrease in HU was observed with increasing age (p
Shoulder;Hounsfield units;Three-dimensional;Bone density;Anchor stability;
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