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Individual and Global Optimization of Switched Flux Permanent Magnet Motors
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 Title & Authors
Individual and Global Optimization of Switched Flux Permanent Magnet Motors
Zhu, Z.Q.; Liu, X.;
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With the aid of genetic algorithm (GA), global optimization with multiple geometry parameters is feasible in the design of switched flux permanent magnet (SFPM) machines. To investigate the advantages of global optimization over individual optimization, which has been used extensively for the design of SFPM machines, a comparison between the two approaches is carried out for the case of fixed copper loss and volume. In the case of individual parameter optimization, the sequence in which the individual parameters are optimized is very important. In the global optimization a better design can always be achieved although the corresponding torque density is found to be only slightly better than that of individually optimized with correct design sequence. By using the obtained global optimization results, the performance in machines having two types of stator and rotor pole combinations, i.e. 12/10 and 12/14, are compared, and it is shown that higher torque is exhibited in the 12/14 SFPM machine. Finally, this paper also demonstrates that global optimization, with the restriction of equal pole width, magnet thickness and slot opening, can maximize the torque density without significantly sacrificing other performance, such as cogging torque and overload capability.
Average torque;Flux switching;Optimization;Permanent magnet;Switched flux;
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