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The Manufacture of Custom Made 3D Titanium Implant for Skull Reconstruction
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 Title & Authors
The Manufacture of Custom Made 3D Titanium Implant for Skull Reconstruction
Cho, Hyung Rok; Yun, In Sik; Shim, Kyu Won; Roh, Tai Suk; Kim, Yong Oock;
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Nowadays, with advanced 3D printing techniques, the custom-made implant can be manufactured for the patient. Especially in skull reconstruction, it is difficult to design the implant due to complicated geometry. In large defect, an autograft is inappropriate to cover the defect due to donor morbidity. We present the process of manufacturing the 3D custom-made implant for skull reconstruction. There was one patient with skull defect repaired using custom-made 3D titanium implant in the plastic and reconstructive surgery department. The patient had defect of the left parieto-temporal area after craniectomy due to traumatic subdural hematoma. Custom-made 3D titanium implants were manufactured by Medyssey Co., Ltd. using 3D CT data, Mimics software and an EBM (Electron Beam Melting) machine. The engineer and surgeon reviewed several different designs and simulated a mock surgery on 3D skull model. During the operation, the custom-made implant was fit to the defect properly without dead space. The operative site healed without any specific complications. In skull reconstruction, autograft has been the treatment of choice. However, it is not always available and depends on the size of defect and donor morbidity. As 3D printing technique has been advanced, it is useful to manufacture custom-made implant for skull reconstruction.
Skull reconstruction;Custom-made implant;
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