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3D Character Animation: A Brief Review
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 Title & Authors
3D Character Animation: A Brief Review
Song, Hyewon; Heo, Suwoong; Kang, Jiwoo; Lee, Sanghoon;
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Virtual Reality makes a virtual environment more realistic and, furthermore, it provides a variety of experiences which we cannot have in reality. A drastic growth of GPU performance and increase of computing capability make virtual environment more realistic than ever. One important element of constructing virtual environment is to animate 3D characters. Many researchers have been studying 3D characters animating and a myriad of methods have been proposed to make them more realistic. In this paper, we discuss the technologies and characteristics of 3D character animation. We believe that realistic characters in Virtual Reality will be applied to various fields: education, film and game industry, business and, particularly, medical area such as telemedicine, virtual surgery, etc.
3D character animation;Blend shape;Skinning;
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