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Evaluation of Fracture Behaviours of Cementitious Composites by High-velocity Projectile Impact
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Fracture Behaviours of Cementitious Composites by High-velocity Projectile Impact
Min, Ji-Young; Cho, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Jang-Hwa; Kim, Sung-Wook; Moon, Jae-Heum;
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An importance of infrastructures` protection against crash or blast loading has been an emerging issue as structures are becoming much bigger and population densities in downtown are growing up. However, there exists no such a standard to evaluate the protection performance of construction material itself. Prior to building standards for protection assessment techniques, this study performed gas-gun propelled projectile impact tests with series of contact-type monitoring systems to investigate the applicability of each sensing type. Through the impact tests, failure modes and protection performances of both normal concrete and UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) reinforced by steel fibers were also evaluated. The results showed that LVDT could be applicable for the impact test among contact-type sensors and UHPC with fibers had a remarkable potential to improve protection against impact loading.
Crash;Impact;Protection;Gas-gun;Ultra High Performance Concrete;Monitoring;
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