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Enhanced Durability Performance of Rock-Filled-Dam Face-Slab Concrete using Fly Ash and Blended PVA Fiber
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 Title & Authors
Enhanced Durability Performance of Rock-Filled-Dam Face-Slab Concrete using Fly Ash and Blended PVA Fiber
Woo, Sang-Kyun; Won, Jong-Pil; Bae, Doo-San; Chu, In-Yeop;
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This study examined the durability of face-slab concrete in Concrete-Faced Rock-filled Dams(CFRDs). The durability of face-slab concrete can be improved by optimizing the amount of fly ash in the cement mixture. Durability tests including plastic shrinkage, permeability, abrasion resistance, and repeated freezing and thawing were done on face-slab concrete specimens with different amounts of fly ash and blended PVA(Poly Vinyl Alcohol) fibre. When the effect of the fly ash content on concrete durability was evaluated, the results showed that a 15% fly ash content and 0.1% blended PVA fiber yielded the optimum durability level for concrete-faced rock-filled dams.
CFRD;Face-slab concrete;Durability;Fly ash;Poly vinyl alcohol fiber;
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