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Kalman Filter-based Data Recovery in Wireless Smart Sensor Network for Infrastructure Monitoring
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 Title & Authors
Kalman Filter-based Data Recovery in Wireless Smart Sensor Network for Infrastructure Monitoring
Kim, Eun-Jin; Park, Jong-Woong; Sim, Sung-Han;
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Extensive research effort has been made during the last decade to utilize wireless smart sensors for evaluating and monitoring structural integrity of civil engineering structures. The wireless smart sensor commonly has sensing and embedded computation capabilities as well as wireless communication that provide strong potential to overcome shortcomings of traditional wired sensor systems such as high equipment and installation cost. However, sensor malfunctioning particularly in case of long-term monitoring and unreliable wireless communication in harsh environment are the critical issues that should be properly tackled for a wider adoption of wireless smart sensors in practice. This study presents a wireless smart sensor network(WSSN) that can estimate unmeasured responses for the purpose of data recovery at unresponsive sensor nodes. A software program that runs on WSSN is developed to estimate the unmeasured responses from the measured using the Kalman filter. The performance of the developed network software is experimentally verified by estimating unmeasured acceleration responses using a simply-supported beam.
Data recovery;Kalman filter;Wireless smart sensor;Wireless smart sensor network;
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