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Defects analysis of RE : YAG (RE = Nd3+, Er3+) single crystal synthesized by Czochralski method
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 Title & Authors
Defects analysis of RE : YAG (RE = Nd3+, Er3+) single crystal synthesized by Czochralski method
Park, Cheong Ho; Joo, Young Jun; Kim, Hye Young; Shim, Jang Bo; Kim, Cheol Jin;
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RE : YAG (, ) single crystals are laser diodes and generally grown by Czochralski method with controlling the various growth parameter. Since the defects occurred by temperature gradient or the rotation speed of solid-liquid growth interface act as the decline of crystal optical property during the growth procedure, crystalline quality improvement via defects analysis is necessary. The etch pit density (EPD) analysis was used to confirm the surface defect of grown RE : YAG single crystal and to select the area of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. Defects in the specimen produced by tripod polishing method such as buckling, rod shaped, bend contours by internal stress, segregation and others were observed by using 200 kV TEM and 300 kV FE-TEM.
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