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Optical properties of (CexLu1-x)3MgAl3SiO12 yellow phosphor
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 Title & Authors
Optical properties of (CexLu1-x)3MgAl3SiO12 yellow phosphor
Lee, Jung-Il; Kim, Tae Wan; Oh, Ho Ra; Hong, Chang Woo; Ryu, Jeong Ho;
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A novel doped phosphor was successfully synthesized by a conventional solid-state reaction. Heat-treatment temperature was controlled from 1250 to for 5 h. XRD and PL properties were analyzed for the optimum heat-treatment condition. Ce doping concentration was varied from 2.0 to 10.0 mol% for the optimum Ce doping concentration. The PL intensity, peak wavelength and FWHM were calculated with the Ce doping concentration, and evaluated for the application to LED packaging. Particle size and morphology were also characterized for synthesized phosphor sample at optimum heat-temperature and Ce doping concentration.
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