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Optimization of sintering process of the far-infrared radiation ceramic
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 Title & Authors
Optimization of sintering process of the far-infrared radiation ceramic
Park, Jae Hwa; Kim, Hyun Mi; Kang, Hyo Sang; Choi, Jae Sang; Choi, Bong Geun; Nam, Ki Woong; Nam, Han Woo; Shim, Kwang Bo;
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Far-infrared radiation ceramic is an attractive material that provides thermal therapy by permeating the infrared rays into the deep inside of the human skin. Therefore, it is currently used for thermal therapy devices, thermal mat, heating equipment and so on. This work aims to optimize the sintering process of the far-infrared radiation ceramic with the process parameters of temperature and time. A variety of characterization tools have been used to investigate the optimal sintering condition of far-infrared radiation. The phase of far-infrared radiation ceramic was characterized by using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and microstructure of fracture surface was studied by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The FT-IR was also performed to measure the far-infrared emissivity.
Far-infrared ray;Ceramic;Far-infrared radiation ceramic;Sintering process;
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